‘Tis the Monday following the long weekend and the blues are exponentially worse than usual, sigh. As you can probably guess from the pictures, this was a pretty food heavy weekend (yum). First things first, I have deduced that Yoghurt is a mess maker. I swear, this is what ensued after I carefully folded my clothes in a neat pile on the floor – Yoghurt chases furry ball around, tramples all over clothes piles, catches ball, plops herself atop the pile and begins to roll around in my (clean) clothes – silly dog.

On Friday night, mum taught us how to wrap zhang (Chinese rice dumplings). We had lunch on Sat at Naive, a vegetarian restaurant, and were introduced to some crazy taste-like-meat monkeyhead mushrooms (more on that later), dinner at Picotin (and a bunny chasing session at the little store across the way) and in between, had some mango passionfruit cheesecake (only okay) and some ondeh ondeh (freaking delicious) from East Coast Road. On Sunday, I folded some colourful paper cranes for a wedding DIY test and met some lovely girlfriends for some food and some cake to celebrate the two.five.

Good times.