Oh, the much-awaited weekend was good. Sat morning was spent lazing around on the front porch, folding origami (I love those colourful little sheets), listening to Yoghurt growl at strangers, playing some tunes, and making silly videos with A. and zum (and her delicious fruity bib). Then retreating from the rain, they had a little family afternoon siesta (while I worked hard on getting ‘The Show’ – but to no avail, argh).

It poured on sunday morning, the rain was so heavy the roof vibrated. I dragged myself out of bed, ate a blueberry banana crumble bar (baked the day before), concluded on its very weird aftertaste and went out for some time on the mat. Then, discovered the deliciousness that is Ion’s tako ball (mmm!), traipsed around town in lovely new sandles (♥) and came home to that crazy G11 surprise (thanks to the brothers, A. and L.)!! AMAZING!