Did I tell you? I made a list of things to do for the year of two.five. Yes, a list – I am a listing kind of girl.

Now, it is kind of a monumental list, there are some truly huge life-changing things on there. Huge, I tell you. One of which is already in motion, the foundation will be complete in about 2 months, and building on it will be a life-long endeavour which I am more than happy to make. And really, I am not certain I will be able to accomplish some of the things on the list but since this is the year of doing, I will just do it – even if failure is (most) likely. I must mention that I tried this the other day with what could be a small feat for some – going up into free-standing Sirsasana I. I thought, screw it, I don’t need that damn wall. And guess what, I got it (though with legs kind of at a funny angle) – and well, only on the second go (first time, I did a mini roll right into Yoghurt – she was not pleased). I kind of dig the feeling of surprising myself.

But the biggest thing on that list, and the one that I am most certain of and makes my heart skip in anticipation, is getting married to this gorgeous man (I tease him about his blog bringing out his inner geek, which I love to bits). Now, we won’t talk about how we are possibly getting married probably a few days into my two.six year which might then make this something for my two.six list, will we? Still, most of the wedding planning will occur in this year and that, I am infinitely excited for.

So that’s that. I’ve got 5 more days of work and shablamo, flying off to Toronto for 2 months of time with the fiance and my lovely friendly people and a mountain of yoga training in between.

Times are a’changing, my friends. And it is all exhilarating, frightening and beautiful at the same time.

But for now, have a happy happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

{amazing photo by heanster}