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This saturday was pretty epic: yoga in the morning, a leisurely stroll down clarke quay, brunch with the lovely Kie at Epicurious, macarons at Canele (we had to sit outside – restaurant ventilation fail), wet muddy & very fun paintball in the afternoon (look at my awesome welt that is now a decorative bruise), dinner with the brother, A., zum and the other Tans, old school fishing games with little R. and E. (though this one broke in about 2 mins), a little walk to Sogurt (zum is too captivated by the millions of toppings to look at the camera). And on Sunday: yoga, a leisurely trip to Ion (for yummers tako balls and Havaianas), an afternoon snack for zum outside Kiki.K (everybody took second glances as they walked by – imagine feeding session at the zoo) and a few little chewy (overbaked) coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate.

Oh weekends, how I love thee.