Wedding dilemma #2: bridesmaid dresses.

My lovely bridesmaids are choosing their own dresses (because I really hope they will wear them again — and again and again!), my only stipulations being that the dress is a shade of grey (preferably light grey – that Calypso dress is slightly too dark I think), knee-length (or shorter if they so please! though not hoochie short.. but then again, none of my lovely bridesmaids would wear hoochie short dresses anyway) and is somewhat flowy.

But since our wedding is going to be outdoors and so most possibly quite hot, we are faced with the sweat issue. Sometimes I’ll see a dress that I really love and recommend it to them, like that Loft rosette applique dress. But these dresses are made of not-exactly-sweat-friendly materials, like cotton, and it makes me wish I had a way to curb the sweat issue. And I know I could pick dresses of a different material, like taffeta or satin… but I am slightly averse to shiny or hard fabrics. I guess the other solution is to go a little darker, though I’m not sure how well that works with our colour palette. Thoughts?

p/s I know that striped schuyler dress isn’t really gray, but I still really love it.

{dresses clockwise from left: Calypso Shireen eyelet dress, J Crew Schuyler dress, J Crew cotton hammock dress, Loft rosette applique dress, J Crew ruched v-neck dress, Madewell romantic ruffle dress}