The weekend before leaving was packed but there was still enough time for these little multi-coloured cupcakes (I hesistate to call them rainbow because well, they don’t look rainbow at all, haha) and little cake pops (via the amazing bakerella – and I am now addicted to these little pops and plan on making some again real soon). The texture of the cake with the little sugar from the cream cheese frosting was absolutely yummers, those cakes were airy and crumbly and moist all at the same time. I still need to work on getting the cake pops more round – mine and kind of odd-shaped, most probably from smooshing all the different colours of cake while trying to keep the semblance of layers (fail). As for the cupcakes, the layers could be worked out much better, they were pretty distinct and straight when the wrapper was peeled but the insides were a concentric circle colour circus, I’m not sure quite how to rectify this. And the colours are a little bit of a hot mess, no? See Megan’s cupcakes – now those are perfect! I kind of wanted to keep the colours light though, almost like a pastel rainbow, but I should have known that would be tres difficult with 3 primary colours and an apparent failure in colour mixing proportions. But alas, they didn’t turn out too bad, yes?

Click the link for more pictures!! :)