As a birthday present, Steve took me on a trip to Toronto Island. The weather was gorgeous and he packed us a picnic bag full of scrumptious foods (like hummus, sandwiches, yogurt & birthday macarons!). Now if you know Steve, you’ll know this is a pretty amazing feat, considering he used to tell me how much he loathed picnics – turns out all he needed was a manly picnic bag (none of that basket nonsense) and a good reason to go for one (I think he just might be a convert now).

Anyway, this was my first trip to Toronto Island (I know, all these years and I’ve never been!) and I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first but honestly, I think I am now in love with that place (not so much the crazy central area but more the very quaint and quiet outskirts of the island).  We had our little lunch at an amazing little spot by a little church (we even considered how lovely it would be for the wedding!). Then, on the way back, I nearly got eaten by geese (ok, exaggeration… pecked at by geese), spied a few animals on the farm and watched a peacock do a hilarious courting dance.

Such an amazing day! I cannot tell you how much I love my man.