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Last weekend, I made a second attempt at multi-coloured cupcakes while up in Barrie. And guess what? SUCCESS! I got the light pastel colours I wanted and the layers were kind of perfect (the yellow could have probably been portioned out better but honestly, I don’t really care)! I topped them with a simple chocolate cream cheese frosting and a little raspberry to cap it all off. I was thinking that these would be perfect cupcakes for the wedding but these are definitely way too time consuming for those purposes (all that mixing and layering!) But still, when you’ve got a little time, a pretty little colour surprise is always worth some extra effort, right?

Click the link below for more pictures!

Just the right shades of pink, blue, yellow and green.

The layering process that took quite some time… I was kind of afraid the cupcakes wouldn’t rise because I took so long to assemble them (they turned out well though).

Finished product!