This weekend, Steve and I went up to Barrie. On Saturday, we went to the zoo with his family, which was a somewhat of a difficult experience – it is hard to see majestic wild animals in little confined spaces, we couldn’t really bear to look – it made me pretty sad really. On the other hand, we saw some mini-pigs, which are possibly the cutest things ever. Also, I don’t think I will ever get that leathery, wet feel of a giraffe’s tongue out of my head, it was a little bit gross but quite amazing at the same time. Then, we went back and played a little bocce ball outside in the garden.

Sunday, I spent baking black bottom cupcakes (literally) and eating popsicles to cool down from the heat. Then back to the city for yoga training bright and early Monday morning.

Time seems to be passing a little too quickly around here – I really need to be making the most of it.