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This weekend was a lazy one; necessary, I think, for recovery from a busy week. On Friday, we went to Y. & P.’s new apartment for some yummy Middle Eastern takeout and spontaneous yoga poses (the view from their apartment is spectacular!). On Saturday, we went for a yummy brunch at By The Way Cafe (he had huevos rancheros, I had eggs Charlottine) and then down to catch Inception (loved it!). That night, I made a not so tasty dinner (pasta disaster) but Steve made some delicious chocolatey cupcakes that cheered me right up.

I spent Sunday relaxing i.e. playing countless hours of video games (Steve had tons of work to do) and trust me, if I had remembered to take a picture of that, I would put that picture up with pride. And we capped Sunday off with some yummy ice cream (they just changed the name from Moose Tracks to Vanilla Chocolate Temptation, guess people didn’t want to think about moose tracks while eating their ice cream).