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This past weekend started with a kiss and a smore cupcake from For the Love of Cake, I don’t think it can get too much better than that – perfect way to feel better about my banged up knee and shoulder. Early Saturday morning, Steve and I went down to Y. & P.’s to help them with their move, took a short detour to the farmer’s market at Artscape barns (drawn by the smell of peaches and mini doughnuts). Then, we went home (for a nap and some essay writing), and then made our way back to Y. & P.’s new home to spend some time chilling out (in the company of awesome Guelphies, M. & A!)  where the night got pretty hilarious pretty fast, as is always the case in this combination.

Sunday was just spent lazing around, making some eggs florentine for brunch and some fish tacos for dinner (more on that later). And taking a really long, hot bath to soothe the muscle fatigue. This is the last week of training, I have these weird mixed feelings about the approaching end. But anyhow, tomorrow, H. and I are going to BodyBlitz – veryveryvery excited about the Steam baths!!