So last weekend, we went over to Y&P’s lovely abode for an adventure in domestic merriment. We wanted to make whoopie pies but not only as dessert but to borrow the concept for something savoury. We settled on a 3 course whoopie dinner -appetizer, main and dessert – also known as carb central!

We made ‘asian’ themed appetizers, with ginger cakes sandwiching a tofu and mushroom patty and some sauteed spinach. Those patties were so good with the spinach! But the cakes were really meh. Then for mains, we made jalapeno corn cakes with a chipotle bean dip in the middle. Mmmmmm, delicious with just the right amount of heat.

And for dessert, death by chocolate whoopies with chocolate cake and amaretto almond chocolate buttercream dipped in chocolate and then covered with almonds or coconut. So good that even the kitty wanted some.

Overall, we were very merry and very full people. Domestic merriment encore soon!