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This weekend was pretty epic. First off, it started pretty much on Thursday and lasted through Sunday. Thursday, we took a trip up to cottage country to view a wedding venue (more on that later). Friday, we came back to Toronto and headed out for a Ray LaMontagne and David Gray double awesome concert where the music was amazing (Repo Man, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, Are we really through, Like rock and roll and radio, an incredible Henry nearly killed me remix, Sail Away and Babylon) – I must confess though, I wanted much more Ray LaMontagne.

Saturday, we headed out for dim sum and then took a walk through Buskerfest, saw some awesome acrobats, artists and musicians (and we must not forget the chocolate dipped cone!). Then on Sunday, went for brunch at The Wellington (meh) and up to Queen to buy me a harmonica. Doesn’t it look awesome? I’m still struggling to get those single note blows so practice, practice, practice! Aren’t you glad you don’t live next door to us noisy harmonica playing folk?