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This past weekend, Steve and I were both down with some sort of bug, though he had it much worse than I did – being sick on a long weekend really just sucks! So here are some snippets from last week in general (as I was adding photos, I realize that they are all pictures of food. Oh well, food snippets it is).

Wednesday, we had dinner with Y&P at Fressen (mmm, delicious vegan food), followed by a rockin good time at the Horseshoe (we went to see Kim Churchill, he’s a stellar one man band – check him out!).

Thursday, things were fine, Steve came to yoga with me (and did a modified forearm stand! I’m so proud).

Friday, fever.

Saturday, lunch with some friends visiting from BC. Then sleep, cold fx, sleep, aspirin, read, frosted flakes (first time since I was a kid! They’re just as good as I remember), video games, tea, sleep.

Sunday, feeling better. We had brunch at Brassaii (meh).

Monday, I baked us a celebratory-feeling-better-labour-day cake, which is basically just a loaf cake that I sliced up, stacked and layered with chocolate buttercream in between and all around. Needless to say, we ate about a half of a slice before feeling sick again.

Here’s to no more colds on the weekends!