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Hello lovelies, sorry for the extended silence, I’m still trying to get back into the groove of things here in Singapore (sleeping at 6am is conducive for everyday life). But here’s the first of the backdated weekend snippets, which chronicles a stellar time Steve and I had with some of our extra awesome friends. First on Friday, we went to see Kim Churchill at the Riv with Y&P… such dedicated fans we are!

Then on Sunday (I actually cannot remember what we did on Saturday), we carpooled with Y&P to A&M’s house for Part II of Domestic Merriment (the first was whoopie pie extravaganza). This time, the men volunteered to take the reins in the kitchen whilst the ladies sat around with cocktails and watched Marcel the Shell, before taking it out to the backyard where some spontaneous acroyoga happened (and of course, hilarity ensued). I am so proud of my lovely ladies, who are really strong and balanced (and of Steve, because he pushed through the “my hamstrings are so tight” pain just to get that one shot)!

And then dinner, and damn, was dinner good. P. baked fresh dinner rolls (which we ate with tapenade – Y. was right in being adamant about the tapenade, it was delish!) and the mushroom pasta, M. made grilled veggies (mmm..) and very delicious chicken and my man baked some scrumptious banana chocolate chip cupcakes (and iced them so perfectly!).

And then, in domestic merriment fashion, we ended it all with some board games.

It sure is going to be hard to top that.

p/s Coincidentally enough, the couples ended up being coupled on the board. Hee.