So remember the little project I was talking about before? Well, here are a few little snippets!

Steve and I really wanted to do a professional engagement shoot but after some back and forth, we made an executive decision against it. But to our luck, sitting down at dinner one day, we joked about having Jen (Steve’s sister) take a photo of us in the backyard so we could have something to use for our save the date. And being the awesome person that she is, Jen said she would actually do it. We were thrilled (and so very grateful)!

So on the Sunday afternoon before I left, between working on another wedding project (yes!) and baking lemon lemon-curd cupcakes, Steve and I literally got changed, hopped into the backyard and took some photos. It was a great experience being surrounded by people we loved  (Steve’s parents were occasionally watching from the deck)  and we laughed so hard trying to look non-contrived and natural. I really loved that it was such a unfussy, casual affair – well, aside for my unruly hair. And I kind of think this sets the tone for our wedding perfectly – an intimate, playful and laid-back celebration without too many bells and whistles (but perhaps with a hair person and maybe some lip gloss).

We are really happy with the way the photos turned out! Thank you so much Jen, we are ever grateful (in a way that all the lemon lemon-curd cupcakes in the world cannot repay)!