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This weekend was a pretty eventful one. But first, a detour to Thursday, when we went to KuShinBo to celebrate the brother’s birthday, where the crab legs are the size of your face… no seriously, I tell you.

Saturday, we brought the niece for her first swimming experience. She was really great in the water, no crying or fussing or any of that business, just taking in the surroundings and splashing around in her giant bathtub. Then we met up with the other Tan family for some dinner at Holland V. and then some dessert at The Daily Scoop (they were having a Halloween themed night with ice cream flavours like “Toothpaste with real teeth” and “Pimple pus”… gross). Then the brother took me on a drive to look at Halloween decorations and some luminous mushrooms, which were both awesome.

Sunday was spent feeling a little like crap but sucking it up to bake some Halloween cookie monsters with big teeth, marshmallow eyes and bloodied brain bits in their mouths (I also love how the first guy who got iced looks like a cross between a vampire and a walrus, hee). Really, they were chocolate cookie sandwiches with a cream cheese cranberry filling. Yummers.

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween!! :)