Recently, I’ve been considering the plight of not having a job. No matter how thin you slice it, there really are always two sides to everything. Yes, I have more time on my hands but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to do productive things with it. Yes, I don’t have to follow a boring daily routine but sometimes not doing anything can get pretty boring. Yes, I can go off and do anything I want but I don’t always have the budget for it. Yes, I have time, no, you cannot assume I want to do things for you in my time without asking.

Right now, I am torn between looking for a job I don’t quite want versus looking for a job I want that doesn’t provide financial stability. Yes, financial stability… how grown up does that sound? Honestly. Right now, there are tons of things that I have bookmarked to do, so many little ideas, but I can’t seem to get down to doing any of them. If I don’t start it, I can’t fail it, right?

But in the back of my mind, I remember the the teaching of action without attachment to expectation, letting go of the ego. That’s some powerful stuff, I tell you.

But alas, mornings are simpler when all you have to think about is the perfect cup of peppermint tea and toast (strawberry rhubarb and chunky peanut butter), aren’t they?


p/s Tomorrow: a sneak peek of the wedding project! Aren’t you excited?