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So last night, the brother and I and a friend went on a light walk to see iLight Marina Bay, Asia’s first sustainable light art festival. It was a long walk around Marina Bay, some parts of which I was seeing up close for the first time (in my defense, Singapore is always under construction… they’re always building new stuff over here. Like that giant egg-shaped lotus thing, which is apparently supposed to be a museum in the future).

Anyway… the light walk was pretty cool, though some of the exhibits weren’t so entertaining (I mean, some just left us plain speechless, and not in a good way). I think I liked Human Tiles, C/C, Lumenocity (+ the other exhibits along that stretch) and Whirlpool the most (just because it claims it uses facial recognition software to calibrate its colours according to whether the viewer is male/female and I really wanted to know if it really worked, because if it does, that little red in the sea of blue is ME!).

But it was good fun overall, and if you’re looking for something to do this week, go talk a walk (3.4km! good exercise!) and see for yourself.

You can get more details about the exhibits here.