Dear lovelies, it’s a long weekend here in Singapore . I am going to take the time to relax, eat yummy food, drink a toffee nut soy latte or two, and maybe bake up a little magic in the kitchen.

But first, can I tell you how much I love braids? All kinds too: fishtail, french, with ribbons!  I just think they are so whimsical and romantic. And funny little secret? I love braiding hair. Sometimes, I do a little french braid into Yoghurt’s hair when it’s long enough!

And best yet? The lovely A. is so kindly going to do my hair the day of the wedding – haven’t yet decided how exactly it’s going to be done but there’s going to be a braid or two in there for sure.  Excitement!

Happy Diwali, friends!

p/s How awesome is that tree & bird tattoo in the second photo? I am in love with it.


{photos via weheartit: 1, 2, 3}