It’s only one and a half months shy of Christmas! Given how I feel about this holiday, I am trying-hard-to-restrain-excessive-exclamation-marks excited (this might also be due to the rush of blood to my head from coming out of headstand)!! We put up the Christmas decorations, set up and decorated the tree, glittered up all my clothes (decorating hazard, especially around A. who loves glitter) and even made a trip down to Ikea to pick up wrappers, tags and the works. And since this is zum’s first christmas out of A.’s belly, she was enthralled by all the lights, sparkles and festive music (flashing lights for non practical purposes? mummy kissing santa clause? say what?!)

We also went for swimming expedition part II, this time including gentle underwater 1 second ‘swims’ for zum, guided slide rides and the opportunity to use the aunt as a life raft/row boat. Awesome.

Has everyone else broken out the holiday decorations yet?