Lovelies, by now, after hearing me sputter on about weddings every week, you all probably know that I am a huge sucker for all things DIY. Yes, I admit – I am hopelessly addicted to crafting and do-it-yourself magic (case in point). I have a little scrapbook (okay, a big scrapbook) with all the DIY projects for the wedding planned. But right now, I’m working hard on prioritizing what’s most important, making a timeline for all the projects (the boy keeps telling me that I don’t want to be the bride who’s buried in paper and ribbon the night before the wedding – oh, I so don’t) and not getting too attached to any particular element or to things being perfect (just in case it doesn’t quite turn out the way I planned).

So of course, I am smitten by Beka and Josh‘s DIY wonder of a wedding.  I love the strings of paper birds (I am hoping my origami crane garlands will be as pretty as this!), the sweet colours, those ribbon streamers + twinkle lights and the pretty paper pinwheels on the cupcakes! Isn’t it beautiful?

{via style me pretty, photography by Julie Mikos, see more pictures here!}