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So I didn’t quite accomplish all the things I set out to do this weekend, but I definitely got the ball rolling! I have pretty much finished Christmas shopping, just left with one present and some little bits and bobs like stocking stuffers. I also made a simple tree advent calendar (inspired by this lovely one ), complete with Christmas evie and snowflakes for counting down to Christmas (19 days to go!).

On Saturday, we went down to Kandahar Street for nasi padang, bought some yummy swiss rolls, took a walk down Haji Lane to Soon Lee (so many lovely pretty things – including that cute mesh bow ring!) and then braved the crowds in town to finish Christmas shopping (hmmm, perhaps searching is a better word). On Sunday, more Christmas shopping (finally found the boy’s present) and then, some good old-fashioned lazing around.

Today, I’m working on Christmas cards and maybe making some cookie dough ahead of time for the bake session tomorrow.