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Hey lovelies, sorry for the lack of posting this week, I’ve had my hands full with several Christmas related thingamajigs. I made three different kinds of cut out cookies – brown sugar gingerbread, lemon sugar and chocolate peppermint – so much cookie dough! Rolled and cut them out the next day (super uncooperative brown sugar cookie dough), then iced all 90 of them the day after that. I am especially fond of the present and stocking cookies!

In the meantime, I made more Christmas garlands to decorate the house, made some Christmas cards to send and finally, packing the Christmas packages to send. Right now, I’m making a little fabric pom garland (trying it out with some spare fabric I found lying around) as a test run for the wedding. They’re turning out quite lovely, so I’m thinking about buying some pretty fabric this weekend to really get started on the project.

Have a lovely weekend!