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This weekend, I did a test run on a DIY fabric flower garland (via this tutorial) which turned out to be quite easy to make and pretty lovely (they look so whimsical and romantic blowing in the wind) . I used some scrap fabric we had lying around the house, so this week I’m going to buy fabric in our colours to start crafting them for the wedding.

In other news, I picked up a cute little messenger bag from Rockstar (it’s perfect!), the brother bought some Toms and I was super tempted to buy these in the blue-green. I also got a great deal on a pretty gray rosette dress, perfect for the wedding rehearsal or as a more casual change for the wedding night! I am also eagerly anticipating a little present in the mail – will show you when it arrives!

Also, I changed my blog theme, thought this was a little more festive for the holidays! Still not sure if I like it enough to keep it around after the holidays (it’s a little too cutesy-cute, no?), but I’ll leave that for figuring out later.