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The boy’s parents sent these photos over to me in an email and I was instantly wishing I was there to enjoy all that fluffy, snowy goodness – so perfect for making mini-snowmen and snow angels! Snow also makes me think about warm cosy fireplaces, snuggling under blankets, warm beverages (or cold beverages that will make you warm – hello, wine!) and fuzzy socks. Nothing like a winter wonderland to make everything feel magical and festive!

On that note, I also wish I was there to greet Santa on his annual firetruck drive by – having the boy oblige my inner kid by coming outside in the freezing cold to wave to Santa makes my heart fuzzy (and it’s kind of funny watching him reluctantly putting on his boots and kind of dragging his feet). And speaking of my boy….

…he’s going to protest this profusely, but how cute is he in that Christmas photo ornament on their Christmas tree? Eeeps!

Until Monday, have a lovely and relaxing weekend, everyone! T-8 days till Christmas!