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This weekend, we went a little old-school bubble crazy on Friday evening (remember those gel bubbles that get blown up through those little yellow sticks?) when A. tried to attempt the biggest-bubble-ever feat.

Saturday was spent undecorating the house of Christmas stuff,  then the brother, H. and I spent the evening chasing and photographing luminous mushrooms on a closed trail. It was dark, there were a few “what was that?!” moments and we encountered some feisty ants (leading to some “get off my damn leg” swiping action) but those teeny luminous mushrooms are pretty darn awesome, no?

Sunday, we went to Chinatown for lunch and bought some rose rice cakes (nian gao), Chinese New Year goodies and lanterns. Then we went to Duxton Hill to try out Flor Patisserie (pronounced Fu-ro-ru), which serves authentic Japanese inspired French pastry. The Waguri Millefeuille  and the little Marron Pie were so delish! Later, the day was rounded out with a walk out for dinner at our neighbourhood Thai place. Yum.