When I watched this, all I could think was “Nooo….send it! Get your finger off that backspace key!” I mean, seriously, how many of us are guilty of overusing that backspace to delete, rewrite, delete.. over and over again? And I wonder if this exchange happened in person, would things have turned out differently? I like to think that it would at least give all the things that weren’t said a chance to make themselves known through a smile or a laugh or a nervous quiver in the voice or a  graze of the arm.

One of my resolutions this year is to say I love you when I think it (it’s sister resolution is to learn to pick my battles, not to gripe about the little things when I’m annoyed – which all boils down to learning when to filter/edit and when not to). I must say, the latter is pretty hard to keep sometimes – the littlest things can seem big when you’re annoyed. And with the first, I’m discovering how those three little words are much easier or much more difficult to say depending on who you say them to.

Here’s hoping to make good on these throughout the year!

{via the lovely Joanna}