Happy Friday, lovelies!

Later today, I have to go pick up and finalize my work appointment and as usual, I’m getting a little nervous thinking about it. It’s kind of like that feeling I get just before making a huge purchase (like a plane ticket)… does anybody else ever feel this way? Anyway, I am leaving you with this amazing little short film called Bottle – I am in love with just how beautiful and heartbreaking it is.

This weekend, we are having an early reunion dinner (steamboat at home!), exercising tremendous restraint just to stop ourselves from eating all the Chinese New Year goodies before Chinese New Year, maybe making some homemade pineapple tarts and trying to hem my new CNY clothes with a hand held sewing machine (pretty sure I’m going to have to go to the tailor eventually).

Have a fantastic weekend!

{Video made by Kirsten Lepore, seen on swissmiss}