How was the weekend? Well, there was a lot of eating (too much, maybe) .

First, A. bought these delicious cream cheese raisin bread things that were pretty amazing, then there was two dinners of Peranakan (Dulukala) and Thai food (Sakura) and Selegie tau huay (soya beancurd). Then on Sunday, there was reunion dinner steamboat and grill, where there was enough food for about double the number of people… fish, meat (love how oreo is staring intently at chicken on the grill), tofu, vegetables (mushrooms, cabbage, peppers, 3 or more different leafy greens), huge prawns, little prawns… you name it, we had it.

And all this while, it was raining, on and off – kind of perfect weather to stay in bed this morning and watch a Modern Family marathon.