This past weekend – the four and a half days of leisurely, lazy looong Chinese New Year weekend  – was pretty swell. On Thursday, we visited the maternal relatives for lunch and then had the paternal relatives over for dinner (the kids indulged in some rigorous Little Big Planet activity… amazing!). Friday, the brother’s friends came over for the annual gambling session, where the stakes got pretty high as the night went on (even my mother got in on the action!).

The rest of the weekend was spent trying not to kill the brother’s plants (he’s off in Japan), arranging nontoxic alphabet mats for the zum (it even spells her name!), trying not to eat too many CNY goodies (don’t think I did so great on this one), enjoying every last bit of my last year receiving red packets and just hanging out with the family.

Now, I’m planning a little itinerary for when the boy gets here (in 6 days!) – he’s only staying a week so I’m trying to squeeze in all the good stuff Singapore has to offer (though he’s been here 3 times already… but things keep developing so rapidly over here!). Suggestions anyone?