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After the zipline, we headed out to Pulau Ubin for a guided tour of Chek Jawa (even though the cab driver couldn’t for the life of him find the right jetty to Ubin). The tour took us on a boardwalk through the mangrove and eventually, down into the sandbar (the tide was at its lowest). There, the guides showed us some interesting little exhibits of sea creatures and wildlife (the creatures are all released after the demonstration). We saw (and for some, got to hold ) sea stars, a little sting ray, a variety of sea cucumbers (and their hilarious water squirting antics), hermit crabs (and their other crabby friends), sticky sticky carpet anemones and others. We would definitely recommend the tour (it’s hard to get in too, they’re usually full booked months ahead)!

Chek Jawa is a great place to get away from the madness of the city for the day. Unlike Sentosa, the other Singaporean island, Ubin has not quite yet been commercialized and developed into a tourist attraction and thankfully so, because its really quite beautiful in all its rustic, natural glory.