So I’m in the midst of filling in all the little details for the wedding and starting to list (and then, buy) all the things we need and want. And somewhere on that list is a polaroid camera, for ‘guestbook’ shots of our awesome friends & family. We love the idea of displaying them during the wedding and originally planned to do that in a ‘clothesline’ kind of fashion, but that photo of the polaroid tree is making me wish we could somehow make that feasible at our venue (there are plenty of trees but no weather guarantees)!

So here’s my cry for help: I’ve been having a little difficulty on this hunt for our little camera. We would love to have a vintage polaroid but the range of prices on those babies makes me feel anxious (don’t want to get jipped!). As for more current models,  I’ve found the polaroid300 and the Fujifilm instax – does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? And does anyone know about this ‘new’ polaroid pic-1000 that’s supposed to be out?

{Images by: 1.kevin russ; 2. brookelyn photography, via 100 layer cake}