Hooray for weekends! I am feeling much better than I did on Friday, thanks to some much needed relaxing and some affirmation that my worrying was unwarranted.  Saturday, the brother was so kind to take me on a little DIY run – we went to (what I will call) the ‘garden stretch’ on Thomson Road to look for some dried moss (wait, what am I using dried moss for? You’ll find out soon enough!). Then we went down to ArtFriend at Bras Basah for some other crafty materials (hint: mod podge!). In the late afternoon, I went out to the Botanical Gardens to meet some fellow acroyogis for some flying fun – of course, that means a couple of spills, the awesomeness of being upside down and some very addictive blissed out feelings.

On Sunday, the brother, H. and I went to out for some brekkie at Ghim Moh. And can I tell you, Yoghurt was thrilled because she got to go too! She pretty much had her head out the window the entire car ride there. Then we went out to West Coast park for some intended kite flying but the rain thwarted those plans so we had to abandon the park for home. Next time! Oh and yes, that is a snackimal in the car window – cute & very delish!