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Here’s a little project I worked on over the weekend for the wedding – mossy letters! I’ve been smitten since I saw this on etsy (and here too) and emailed my trusty green-thumbed brother about getting my mossy groove on.  So here’s a little step by step of how we got it done, though I have to say I wish I had more pictures of the actual process (have to work through my doing and taking pictures disconnect). First off, here’s what we used:

1. mod podge (I had it handy… but you can use adhesive spray too, which might make things easier), 2. paint,  3. styrofoam,  4. a large stencil in a font you fancy (how large depends really on how big you want the letters), and 5. dried moss.

I started out by printing the stencils for the letters and the ampersand, then traced them onto the styrofoam. I cut the letters out with a penknife and tried to make sure the edges were pretty smooth (you can sand them down with sandpaper if you wish). Then, I painted the letters green (just so any uncovered areas wouldn’t stand out too much) and waited for them to dry. Once dry, I painted a layer of mod podge on and started adhering the moss to the letter. So this part is a little tricky (or messy… or frustrating) because sometimes, the moss tends to  stick to your fingers instead of the actual letter. And depending on how clumpy the moss is, it might or might not adhere the way you want. I ended up just sticking the moss on, waiting for it to dry and then “pruning” the letter to retain its shape. Then repeating the process to cover all the ‘bald’ spots (you might have to do this several times).

And then, ta-da! DIY mossy letters for the wedding!