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This weekend, I got to take the zumster into the pool for her swim class. She is a ball of delight in the water, that little one… though she does have some lazy legs (why kick when someone’s floating you around, really?). We then drove along to Loewen Gardens for what we thought was farmer’s market Saturday… but just turned out to be a normal brunch at The Pantry (the next farmer’s market is on April 2nd, for those of you who are wondering), where the food is pretty delish and the kitties are lazy. It poured the rest of Saturday, so the early afternoon was spent napping with Yoghurt on the patio (being in a swimming pool totally wipes me out – doesn’t matter if I’m not swimming!) and then off for a wet acroyoga session at the Botanical Gardens (I like how our jam sessions are becoming a weekly thing!) where I had a cheerleader moment standing on someone’s shoulders (terrifying and exhilarating at the same time)!

Saturday evening, the whole family went out for dinner at Shokudo, where the highlight was free candy floss! I keep telling Steve I want a candy floss machine at our wedding… how awesome would that be, right? Overall, I’m pretty wiped by the weekend and feeling like I’m falling under the weather this Monday morning…. fingers crossed that that isn’t the case!