This weekend, A. and I worked a little on glitterfying our footwear. I had these pair of flats that weren’t getting much use, so I decided to give them a coat of sparkle to jazz them up a little.

So first, start off with any pair of flats (mine were cloth, A.’s was…. synthetic?), a bottle of modpodge, some glitter of your choice (the amount needed differs depending on the size of the glitter specks) and a foam wedge applicator or brush. Next, tape off any portion of the shoe you don’t want covered with glitter – I taped off the bow on the top of my shoe, if the sole of your shoe is pretty thick or you’ve got  a pair of heels, you might want to tape that off too. Then, pour a small amount of modpodge in a bowl/container and add some glitter  – go easy on the modpodge here, you only need to pour enough for one coat on both shoes, otherwise you will waste whatever dries up in the bowl. Mix the glitter in and start applying it to the shoe evenly (the modpodge will go on white, which looks a little weird, but it dries clear!). Once the area is covered, let the coat dry (could take up to half and hour) before repeating the process again. You might need to do more coats depending on the size of glitter or how much glitter you add into the modpodge (mine took 4 coats). Once you have covered the shoe to your liking, apply a coat of modpodge (without glitter) to seal it. Leave the shoe to dry for about 3 -4 days… then wear them out and get your glitter on!