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Hi lovelies! How were your weekends?

So I didn’t keep my date with the kitchen this weekend (boooo, I am master procrastinator), though I now have the perfect recipe saved up for next week.

Saturday, we took the zumster for swimming class, had brunch at Barracks at House and then went to the farmer’s market – which very well could be named importer’s market because all the produce is shipped from far-off places – I don’t know, I kind of prefer my farmer’s market produce to be of the local, sustainable kind, if not, what difference is it from the supermarket? On the other hand, they do have some awesome locally baked and made goods there as well, including yummy popsicles from Popaganda, marshmallows from Marshie’s Avenue and other assorted baked goods (lamingtons!). Then, when we got home, I started on cutting fabric circles for my garlands and then just for fun, we tossed them around ala confetti (which greatly amused the zumster).

Sunday, we went for brekkie, then a super productive trip to town to buy some bottoms & shoes (I got my daydreems!) and finally, because the weather was just right, we went to west coast park for a little kite flying and yoghurt got to bounce around in the grass and play fetch. ‘Twas a good end to the weekend :)