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Here are a couple things I’m loving on etsy at the moment:

  1. Lingerie ring, gemagenta
  2. Faceted pear pendant, gemagenta
  3. I have always known it was you print, eeebee & jack
  4. Drift embroidery, merriweathercouncil
  5. Eye ring, mirta jewelry
  6. Chalkboard world map,  shop dirtsa

Also, today is One Day Without Shoes. No events planned in Singapore, but I plan to be without shoes for as much as I can today, though working can be a little tricky with no shoes on so I might put my Toms on sometime during the day. I like this rediscovering of the ground beneath my feet: the coolness of tile, the softness of grass, how the concrete pavement hurts my feet more than the gravel road. Also, on the bus this morning, people stared at my bare feet and I felt my toes curl up like they were self-conscious, but then they (both my toes and the people) got over it.