I have something of a love-hate relationship with doughnuts…. sometimes, I really crave them – the soft doughy goodness, the crispy exterior – but most of the time, I can walk right by them without wanting to eat them, no problem. When I do crave them, it’s for sour cream glaze and donut holes (damn you, Tim Hortons, for donut dependency and bad coffee on long road trips) – actually, come to think of it, those are the only kinds I like really.

The recipe for these lemon ricotta baked doughnuts has been bookmarked on my browser for a while now. I simply can’t argue with the combination of lemon and ricotta cheese in anything – it must be made. If you look at Ellie‘s post, her doughnuts actually look like doughnuts… mine look like bread-bun-doughnut hybrids. And several hiccups I had along the way: no buttermilk (trust me not to read an ingredient list before baking… I subbed with sour cream), sticky hand kneading (which I overcompensated for with too much flour), trouble sealing (my dough just would not stick together.. I ended up somewhat crimping them together), runny filling (I don’t know why this happened? Maybe everything was just melting in the heat?),  the dough bottoms rising faster than I could cover and seal them… yeah, there are quite a few, aren’t there?

But either way, these came out tasting quite lovely – though they were a little too bready (the dough tastes a little like ciabatta, weird right?) and a little stiff (fluffiness is key in doughnuts, no?). I added chocolate chips and raisins to the filling in the second batch – those are doubly yummy.