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I sort of have this obsession with cantaloupe – I love the sweetness, the melony taste, the slight crisp if you cut it open just at the right time. I have this memory of shopping in the supermarket with d. – he’s teaching me how to tell when a cantaloupe is ripe by smelling them, I use both my little hands and try really hard to lift those heavy cantaloupes up to my nose to get a proper whiff, my effort cracks him up.

These popsicles are so easy to make: you just blend up 1/2 a cantaloupe and about a dozen strawberries in a food processor, squeeze in 1/2 a lime (more if you like that zingy taste), sieve the mixture to get rid of any of the larger chunks, then stir in about a 1/3 cup yoghurt (or more, if you like your popsicles creamy). Then pour into popsicle molds (I added a slice of strawberry into each popsicle) and wait for them to freeze. And there you go, an easy to make, refreshing treat for a hot, sunny afternoon (like the ones we’re having so much of these days).