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I think Annie Novak is a serious inspiration. She is the founder and director of Growing Chefs,  an education program about farming and gardening and co-founder and farmer of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn. I find initiatives like hers and others, such as Edible Schoolyard, so valuable and inspiring – I always tell the boy that when we finally get a place, I would like to start a garden where we can grow a variety of produce for ourselves – even if it’s just a planter! And since I have some awesome gardeners around me (Steve’s parents have a magnificent summer garden with zucchini, peppers, tomatoes… and my brother has my grandfather’s green thumbs so we are never short on herbs and now, tomatoes!), I should really get down to getting my hands dirty and learn more about planting – I think I hear resolution #1 for year 26!

{All images by The Selby}