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Friends, the long weekend is almost upon us! Any awesome Easter plans?

I am hoping to finish most of my work today so I don’t have to take it home for the weekend (that would suck majorly). This weekend, I’m looking forward to lunch with my lovelies at Artichoke, the brother’s birthday dinner at En, a little Easter bbq on Saturday (guacabean salsa? YES!), an awesome pre-Easter egg hunt and lots of DIY madness.

So I’m leaving you this Thursday with more music. I saw this video on one of my new favourite music blogs, Fuel/Friends (sidenote: all the stuff I’m hearing about the Seattle music scene makes me wanna pack my bags up, go out there and live it). The song is “Deep Cuts” by Cataldo, the video is shot by Christian Sorensen Hansen and it is amazingamazingamazing (and even saying it again and again still cannot quite convey how amazing). I am drawn in by the sound of falling rain (don’t you find pitter patter soothing?), the beauty of words like “the tragic truth I’ve been slow in learning is there are certain breaths you simply can’t retract“, the campfire burning  and the sweet, sweet melody.

If you like it, visit Kickstart to help Cataldo out in the final stages of getting their new record out.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!