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This weekend, I marveled at really, really bad service (at En Japanese dining – we paid not the service charge), A. finally showing up for one of our get-togethers, delicious pancakes & broccoli salad at Food for Thought with the lovelies (Artichoke was closed for Good Friday lunch), the hilarious zumster trying on huge sunglasses and giving some love to Mr. Kisses the bear, the tastiness of tiny nutella meringues (even though they look like dog biscuits) and Easter banana cupcakes (with teeny m&m eggs) and Easter bbqs, my pretty paper cranes, and the miraculousness of our toaster, which can bake a full banana chocolate chip walnut cake in 15 minutes (especially handy when the oven breaks down just as I’ve scooped all the batter into my cupcake tin).

Hope you all had an awesome Easter!