Friends, it’s Friday… finally.

I’m finding myself to be pretty emotionally high strung this week (the boy will attest) –  perhaps it’s the work+wedding+elections+hormones+money stress combination that’s got me all funked out – resulting in a teary mess in the midst of buying wedding bands late last night. My dreams have also been playing tricks on me; they seem to have muddled together the past and the future. My grandfather stands by the edge of the lake at our wedding cottage, with his knowing eyes and gentle hands. He whispers to me and I can’t tell if he’s talking to the child he remembers me being, or me – I am younger… and older at the same time. And I ask him what his childhood was like and I make up his answer in my dreams because I was never cognizant enough to ask him when he was alive, and then I try to remember what little I can of my own childhood while imagining what my children’s will be, and I can’t tell if the world is changing too fast for me to wrap my head around it or if I am just too slow to keep up with it.

I am rambling.

Let’s start again, shall we?

Friends, it’s Friday…. finally. I am taking the weekend to breathe.

{Beautiful, beautiful photos by Chikara Umihara; you can even purchase the first one on 20×200}