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This weekend, the heat was blistering. In the early afternoon on Saturday, my mum and I took a 5 minute walk to our polling station, voted and  then walked home – by the time we got back, I felt (and probably looked) like I had just taken a shower in my own sweat (gross, I know… sorry!). Mum cooked mee rebus (basically, boiled egg noodles with a curry-like gravy and other condiments like hardboiled egg, tofu etc) for dinner and then some friends came over to watch the elections coverage and results (which lasted till 3am!). I have too many feelings about these elections to cover here… but to put it simply, I am happy and disappointed at the same time.

Sunday, I spent the day folding more paper cranes (with A.’s awesome help!!), making steamed lemon puddings (more on that later) and prepping for our bbq to celebrate mother’s day. So all in all, a pretty eventful weekend. And now, off to enjoy the rest of my delicious salad (spinach, sweet potato, corn, baby carrots and tomatoes!).

p/s I bought these jeans over the weekend (mother’s day sale!) and am loving them!