Current obsession: Summery sandals (and since the weather is constantly tropical in Singapore, sandals all year round!). A few that have caught my eye:

  1. Zen garden sandals, Anthropologie
  2. Crosswalk sandal, Madewell (I am officially in love with these)
  3. Best of sandal, Seychelles (I am about 90% sure these are going to be my wedding shoes)
  4. Golden Grove sandal, Anthropologie (though I am pretty sure they are Seychelles sandals)
  5. Textured bowtie sandal, Anthropologie (love the jute, but still wondering how these stay on exactly?)
  6. Whistlestop sandal, Madewell (these look majorly comfy)

Also this afternoon, I saw a picture of these on pinterest. Yes, they are crochet TOMS, which were sold exclusively at Topshop and are now apparently sold out (!!). Seriously, how lovely are they? Here’s to crossing fingers that TOMS will relaunch them in a future collection!

{TOMS photo: juliagrün}