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This weekend, the zumster and I both wore our hair up (she’s finally willing to sit still long enough for A. to tie her hair up and I am in love with these heidi braids… but still not quite managing to get them up without wispy, messy hairs all over the place). We brunched at Artichoke, which is a lovely and quaint little place, and where my 65 degree slow cooked eggs were pretty damn delicious. Then, dinner at Nansuttei at Parco with friends for warm, comforting bowls of ramen which were satisfying to say the least (oh boy, I have such a weak spot for ramen – and still, I experience quite a fair amount of cognitive dissonance in regard to pork bone soup and my other veggie eating habits – oh well).

In other news, A. and I are making great progress folding origami cranes, we even made a trip to pick up more paper on Sunday. We’re folding the cranes in different sizes and the little ones are the most annoying… my fingers cramped quite a few times whilst folding during the two episodes of Modern Family last night. Perseverance is key, right? :)

Hope your weekends were lovely!!