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This weekend, A. & I worked on make up trial #2 and I think we’ve pretty much got the overall effect down. We might need to make some little variations & adjustments here and there (we are still debating the amount of colour to put on!), but I’m really digging the way it looks and feels – natural, easy and not overly done. I’m on a little hunt for some good products for the day, mostly foundation, maybe primer, a mask and lippie – anyone got any recommendations?

I also spent some of the weekend sewing together some chiffon flower pins (that can be used on hair or shoes or sashes). Also, time was spent coaxing Summer into taking pictures with little hair accessories attached (and intact)… and coaching her in the art of walking in a straight line (we are trying to prevent a chasing-after-the-flower-girl situation).

In other news, we were lucky enough that my brother brought back a half/half tub of ice cream from Tom’s Palette – we got Melt and Sizzle (the surprise of chocolate pop rocks!) and Salted Caramel Cheesecake (deeeelicious!). And then on Sunday, we went out for an early-birthday buffet at MBS – it was yummers but I am definitely still suffering from latent effects of food overload.

How were your weekends?