Twentysix today.

Twentyfive came and went like a breeze, so swift and gentle – so unsuspecting that somehow I feel like I might have missed part of it.

And before I have time to collect my thoughts about where time has gone and what it has taken with it, my mind has already moved on to the anticipation of coming things: the wedding, our future and finally (finally) being able to wake up to his face in the mornings.

So this year, I am reserving for learning – to find joy (in even the littlest things), to love, to dream (about the dreams I have forgotten and the ones I haven’t yet had the courage to dream), to be open (to change, especially), to entertain possibilities (endless, infinite possibilities), to find myself (small discovery by small discovery) and of course, the never ending quest to learn that peace will cover all things.

{Beautiful confetti print by abby try again}